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“Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success.” – HENRY FORD

Agility & Culture


We bring cultural shift to organisations with our deep expertise and agile delivery approach which can save over 40% of operational cost.

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Tailored Approach

Solution For The Problem

We  deliver  specifically designed  and  precisely tailored solution for  every  business  problem having future in our heads.

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Automate Everything

Automate Till End

Our expert consultants are well versed in designing smart automations which makes development fast, reliable and easy to maintain.

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Our Services

Cloud Adoption Services

Our solutions are epitome of excellence that combines in-depth cloud experience, automation and customized accelerators. The unique cloud adoption technique which leads to faster adoption rate, time to market and greater business value. Our approach is to understand your context, business needs and provide tailored solution that encompasses key aspects ROI (Cost), Security & Compliance, DevOps and cloud native architecture principles.
At Colevit Technologies, we are a team that is all-in for our clients. We are front runners of new technology and leveraging our knowledge and experience to fearlessly advocate for our clients. For us client engagement is personal – we ensure customer success at every solution that we provide. We begin each potential client engagement with our Cloud Enablement team, who works to understand your business needs, constraints and risks of moving to the cloud.

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DevOps Enablement

Colevit Technologies DevOps Enablement Strategy is a framework and process to
help organizations begin their DevOps journey. This framework will not only
help organizations get started but will also give delivery teams the ability to
continually measure and improve their DevOps capabilities.
The framework and process is broken down into three basic building
Identification – Identify where your organization is starting the journey
Enablement – Work upon common challenges and enable teams
Improvement – Continious Improvement

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Digital Transformation

Colevit Technologies has helped various clients to kick start the digital journey.
We do through assessment of existing environment to modernize the existing platform. Based on the assessment report we identify the infrastructure components and tailor them as per requirements.
We help defining building end to end consumption model for Hybrid Cloud to adopt the pace of innovation.
Digital Transformation program also covers identifying the skill gaps which includes upskilling existing workforce, building a developer mindset.

Internet Of Things

Colevit Technologies provide the entire technology stack of product engineering including user experience design, web & mobile application development, cloud, devOps, IOT, big data, testing and infrastructure managed services to transform businesses digitally.
Core of Coleveit is Product Engineering services include design led engineering, cloud-native development, hybrid integrations, micro-services driven architecture, DevOps, & CI CD processes. We are 100 % Agile aligned company.

Cloud Security Services

Cloud computing is a shared technology model where different organizations are frequently responsible for implementing and managing different parts of the stack. As a result security responsibilities are also distributed across the stack, and thus across the organizations involved.
This is commonly referred to as the shared responsibility model. Think of it as a responsibility matrix that depends on the particular cloud provider and feature/product, the service model, and the deployment model.
Colevit’s cloud security services would allow businesses to move to cloud with confidence. Our experts would help organozations to understand shared responsibility model and build security practices and principles to safeguard organization’s critical data assets , keys , other relevant information.

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Serverless computing is a misnomer referring to a cloud-computing execution model in which the cloud provider runs the server, and dynamically manages the allocation of machine resources. Pricing is based on the actual amount of resources consumed by an application, rather than on pre-purchased units of capacity.
Colevit’s serverless offering provide best in-class services that helps you in building serverless ecosystem for your enterprise on your choosen cloud provider.

Serverless Architecture :

Serverless architecture (also known as serverless computing or function as a service, FaaS) is a software design pattern where applications are hosted by a third-party service, eliminating the need for server software and hardware management by the developer.

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We define end to end container platform strategy encompassing security controls, monitoring, logging , data persistence , networking and lifecycle management of containers.
We start container journey with Automation first approach, build use cases ranging from Proof of Concepts , simple use cases to matured complex container platform implementation

Integration Technologies

Application Integration

Extensive expertise in delivering SOA & ESB implementation using IIB, WMQ , Tibco and Red Hat Integration suites for both on-premise and cloud

Process Integration

Expertise in large scale process integration using BPM tools MS Biztalk, IIB & Oracle Fusion.

Data Integration & Data APIs

Expertise in defining , designing data services using data virtualization tools like denodo.Also traditional ETL based integration for bulk data integration.

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Mobile Application Development

Mobile application development is the complete process of creating all of the designs, assets, and code required to implement an software application that runs on a mobile device and all of its supporting services that are accessed from the mobile application via the a network connection and run on remote computing resources.
Colevit Mobile Application Development Services are best in class and provide end 2 end solution to customers . Our full stack development expertise can provide one stop shop starting from user experience design, iOS & Android app development and APIs with backend developed on cloud .

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Colevit Service Offering

Market disruptions triggered by the digital economy, threaten the current business and force them to adapt. These disruptions also present unprecedented opportunities for the business to capture new revenues, embrace new business models and agile methods to deploy the technology innovations that enable them to deliver innovative services as part of the digital value fabric, across several industry verticals.

Colevit services offering tuned to provide agility in internal management services exposing application capabilities and provide ease of exposing services for external ecosystem through standard set of APIs. This lead to substantial reduction in costs and time to market.

Key technology landscape in Colevit driving the agility are APIs, Microservices, DevOps , Cloud and Containers.

Service Colums

In Depth experience, on delivering large scale transformation projects with certified and trained resources . Augment your team with new age skills and agile methods to experience best on class quality software delivery.

Tailored solution suited as per your team and culture for the faster outcomes and quality products.

Our automation offers significant business benefits, but such significant organizational change takes time to embed. The development and training of new skills, systems and supporting processes is no quick task. But understanding and managing the impact of change on roles, responsibilities, and relationships is a critical step.

Learn and support the organisation’s evolution from traditional silos to multi-disciplined development and operations (DevOps) or development, security, and operations (DevSecOps) teams.

“Transformation achieved through excellence”

Application Development

Strategize your cloud-native, microservices development or transform your legacy application using our experts and accelerators.

Implement microservices using our experienced developers in polyglot languages. Experience our web technologist for new age reactive applications.

Up skill with our certified and experienced microservices, UI/UX, QA, BA & PO resources or adopt curated microservices training plans for your team.

Develop your application faster, cheaper, better using our agile experts (Spotify, SAFe etc.)

Hybrid API Development

Experience value through our unique approach for hybrid API (Internal & Partner), service mesh strategy and implementation.

Implement with our agile practices Micro Api Gateways, cloud api gateways, internal api gateways and developer portals.

Up skill with our certified and experienced API resources or adopt curated API design, implementation training plans for your team.

Focus on your business while we build, manage & operate your hybrid API environment with well defined & matured API practices.

Cloud, Container & DevOps (CCD)

Strategize your cloud-native, microservices development or transform your legacy application using our experts and accelerators.

Implement CCD with our certified and experienced resources with our accelerators and best practices to move faster, secure and reliable.

Focus on your business while we build, manage & operate your CCD environment with well defined & matured CCD practices.

Strategize your cloud-native, microservices development or transform your legacy application using our experts and accelerators.

Our Appproch

Focus on Benefits Realisation, ensuring the business is prepared and equipped to measure the variety of benefits received from IT investments, through Pilot, Proof of Concept and beyond.

Breaking down functionalities , using agile methodology delivers success. We deliver sprints covering functional , acceptance testing and non-functional requirement.

We keep the optimum sprint velocity to complete sprint’s deliverable on time with Quality.

Assess and address organisational appetite for change within and across functions, as you design and introduce new operational processes and team structures.

Clients & Partners

Our proud partners are latest product companies , open source programmers and multiple industry verticals

Our Technology Stack

Our technology stack includes all the modern variants of open source technologies that enable lean and agile development and continuous delivery. We help our customers to choose the best stack as per the nature of the business and non-functional requirements. We rationalize and suggest appropriate scripting languages, testing frameworks, UI frameworks, continuous integration tools, search frameworks, databases and hosting platforms.

Explore Our Work

Find the fastest and finest cloud and devops work here . Our approach of client centricity in all the work that we do is reflecting in deliveries of complex programs and projects to make our customer successful.

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  • Experienced in competency building

  • Transform teams, departments and organisations

  • All things agile – Deliver value

  • Curated training and coaching on demand

  • Products – Research & Development

  • Innovation that matters – Experience in setting up innovation centers

  • IoT – Consultancy, competency, incubation & best practices

  • Cloud – Expertise in application migration (AWS & Azure)

  • DevOps – Value realised (Driving mindset change) & Cost Optimisers

Our Client Say

“I’ve been extremely happy with the Cloud Service Providers services provided by Colevit Technologies. and would thoroughly recommend them for their high ongoing levels of customer service.”

Luis Desalvo

“You will be impressed with the level of professionalism, response, and tech knowledge, & customer service. I just had wished we had made the decision many years sooner.”

Shelia McCourtney

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