Innovation & Time to Market is a key differentiator for Startups and Small / Medium enterprises. Though the innovations are where startups making a difference a kick start to their idea , save cost also of utmost important factor. This couples with going to market quickly will make a challenge in-itself.

AWS organisations a way to begin your enterprise (Startups) and kick-start shaping your idea while having a complete control to your cost and accesses. Leave no stones unturned for unity. security and cost saving opperutunity.

Lets take an example, I as an entrepreneur, have an idea to sell an innovative healthcare product.

Healthcare market is always hot and one of my first goal is to go to market as quickly as possible at the same have an eye on cost . Specially my backend IT cost.

Suppose I have two developers including me as startup owner , hence I need to have two environments as bare minimum Labs/Devs and Prod. Just to keep my idea running and I also wanted to have my developers don’t use any of the services in prod which are not HIPPA complaint just an example.

  1. So How could AWS organisation help me? Well AWS organisation can help in two ways.

First , Create a Master Account that I as an Owner of an organisation can use.

Second, Create two separate accounts one for Dev/Lab and other for Production.

Third,  Associate Dev/Lab Account to a NON-PROD Group.

Fourth, Associate Production Account to PROD Group.

Fifth, Create SCP- NONPROD having access to all services and associate to NON-PROD Group.

Six, Create SCP-PROD having access to Some Services  that are HIPPA complaint and associate to PROD Group.

All can be done initially using GUI and later can be converted using CLI or APIs an automated way.

This is all I need as an owner to kick start my enterprise on AWS as a bare miminum. The organisation can also provide me consolidated billing including rebates on overall S3 or other services.

Now In my second blog.. I will discuss about KICK START NETWORKING…