Are you moving your traditional B2B business to B2B2C Or on your business expansion looking for B2B2C as a possible channel, Or you are already onto B2B2C but you see challenges on keep up the pace with new partner addition.

Here are a few pointers that one can use to align the strategy for B2B2C.

Pointer 1: Omni Channel Customer experience
As part of the B2B2C strategy, customers are now coming more closure to you. As you define the customer experience, touchpoints and feedbacks. Build a system that captures key interactions, recommends real-time and harness feedback. A unified cross channel customer experience is a Must.

Pointer 2: Data Strategy
Data is new Oil. Build a platform Data platform to generate customer insights, target campaigns, Just in time recommendations and analytics model for cross channel. On Sell-side Pricing, Co-catalog creation, Available to Promise are key capabilities that one should target with data. On Buy-side one should consider demand management, Inventory Optimization, and warehouse management as key capabilities driven by data. Also please ensure your ERP software is up for the game.

Pointer 3: APIs as a first-class citizen
APIs are our best friend and this is not because of our IT folks. This makes perfect business sense to have your business capabilities exposed in a secured and controlled fashion to all your buy-side as well as Sell-side customer . Build an API strategy to deliver value and treat as your product.