Key characteristics for managing a multi-cloud environment – Part 1

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Multi-cloud is in-game now. You believe it or not almost like all industry is looking for a multi-cloud approach for their cloud migration. This is because of multiple reasons. Primarily the licensing, regional compliance, workload suitability for a particular cloud provider. For example in a typical organization application workload can be on AWS, IT workloads

Project Managers 2020 – Part 1

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Are you Just an IT Project Manager? Will you survive 2020? 2020 will see a huge demand for Hybrid cloud computing, cloud migration, Big Data and IoT projects. The nature of technology choices change the way projects are budgeted, marketed and implemented. IT project managers need to acquire the new skills, architecture/designers thought process and

Emerging IT Roles around DevOps

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New IT Roles emerge around automation  and DevOps.. Do you have one? Cloud based technologies will continue to grow in 2020. Companies will focus on hybrid cloud, multi cloud and container environments . The provisioning of core infrastructure (Server, N/W, Storage etc.) is challenged on the backdrop of Big Data and AI use cases for