The proposed cloud adoption principle provide organizations an impetus to adopt cloud fast, secure and reliable. The high level principles fostering experimentation, however, will greatly enhance the cloud adoption process.

The principles we’ve used are Fail-Fast , Challenge existing ecosystem, Data is the Key, simplify, and, finally, Adjust & Optimize  to succeed.

  • Fail Fast: Organizations would need to imbibe a culture of ‘Fail Fast’ . This principle would allow existing IT team or New Team  to try new projects on cloud that can be “spun up” quickly with a few clicks rather than having to be planned, datacenter space allocated, equipment procured, and so on. Fail fast would facilitate trying of multiple possible options and use best approach because the cloud uniquely facilitates the ability of IT departments to choose the best of many solutions.


  • Challenge Existing EcoSystem: As organizations would be creating a new ecosystem ,This principle suggests that wherever possible, IT should not simply adapt to the new paradigm of the cloud, but embrace it and adopt new architectures and processes quickly to best exploit the new opportunities.


  • Data is the new Key: As one of the motivation factors for organizations is to reduce capex & opex , This principle advocates the need for analyzing data carefully and make informed decisions about which applications are generating the most return, about which should be prioritized, about which are performing well in the cloud, and where potential problem areas exist.


  • Simplify: For all new applications choice of cloud patterns should be simplifying overall application architecture and operational management.

Adjust & Optimize: This principle is the single most important mechanism that guarantees continued success, not just the migration of a single application or building a new  service. Establish a process to adopt and optimize wherever there are new way or new tool or new services are introduced . As cloud is rapidly changing and new services are introduced almost every couple of weeks, one need to make continuous effort and ensure optimum services are used for taking agility and cost advantages in cloud. Please also ensure key stakeholders remain engaged and continue to invest when they feel their participation in the joint effort is required to make this a continuous journey, not just a single trip.