New IT Roles emerge around automation  and DevOps.. Do you have one?

Cloud based technologies will continue to grow in 2020. Companies will focus on hybrid cloud, multi cloud and container environments . The provisioning of core infrastructure (Server, N/W, Storage etc.) is challenged on the backdrop of Big Data and AI use cases for quicker time to market or to build a new product offering.

In the view of above trends teams are looking for new roles that are more aligned to automated provisioning of IT resources and every thing as a service. Organizations are changing the way teams are structured around old roles and gradually migrating towards more automation centered roles around DevOps. There are three kind of role that are emerging in the current IT scenario and in future.

DevOps evangelist

A traditional role being played by mostly Enterprise Architects now need to look towards mostly coaching to teams on DevOps. Run themes related to DevOps, promote Infrastructure as a Code, build synergy between app devs and operations and emphasize on automated testing. They now nurture cultural DevOps.

DevOps Architect

Traditional Application Architects/Technology Architects now need to architect designs, inspects and implements strategies such as continuous integration and continuous delivery pipelines along with solution architecture responsibility. The ABBs (Architecture Building Blocks) that are designed and implemented need to be reciprocated with corresponding CI / CD Pipeline for both development and operations sides.

DevOps Engineer

Traditional Server Engineers/Network Engineers/Storage Engineers need to now learn APIs (Systems), automation scripting language (Python etc.) and orchestration tools (Chef , Puppet , Jenkins etc..) to become Network DevOps engineer, Storage DevOps Engineer etc. The new role demands to create automation for provisioning, decommissioning, managing changes onto infrastructure components from day one.


App Dev’s are also interested into writing applications that are mostly into new age languages (GoLang , Scala etc..) while build, test and deploy through automatons.


By 2022, most of the traditional roles either become redundant due to new roles more aligned to devops or automation would become the core requirements for traditional role. In both the cases , IT pros need to change and acquire new skills …