Why Cloud-Native Development is ‘must-have’ for startups ??

Cloud-native development is a shift in development philosophies. The promise of cloud-friendly code that saves cost provides security assurance always agile with the mindset of devops from Day1 are a differentiator . The art and possibility of doing this in startups are much higher than their traditional BIG brothers….

As a startup your first priority is your BIG IDEA and how soon you can taste the water … not the technical implementation. In order to do that one needs to have an eye on the cost of IT and that is where cloud-native development is a best friend you have !!!

But why is it ‘Must’?

Let’s understand how cloud providers make services less expensive. It is two ways that they do.

• Standardization & Abstraction at all levels of IT: This lets cloud providers upscale & downscale storage & processing capability thus helps them optimize use of resources and lower cost. Examples like virtualization, SDS, SDNs are techniques used by cloud providers.

• Sharing of IT capability: This important capability let’s cloud providers underutilization of resources

Now as an application owner or service consumer, there are 12 factors & other like Failure Aware, Latency Aware, Or Instrumented, Event-Driven principles that can help in achieving standardization for your cloud-native application. This standardization empowers service consumers to effectively utilize resources and use standardization & abstraction of your chosen cloud providers practice.

So that 12 factors are not limited to the architect’s book and reach to management where it makes economic sense. And this is where ends meet for cloud-native development and startups who are looking for a cost-effective way of implementing their BIG IDEA.