Have you needed a suite lately for your urgent meeting or may be any special occasion, in old traditional way , it would not have been possible as you need to buy / choose  a suitable cloth , find a good tailor and give your measure and come for multiple trials….. you might probably be thinking .. no I am not going to do it …. well you are in 21st century .. you got readymade suits just go buy and alter if required based on your size choices etc..  This is simple guys !!!! you got your suit on time …. This is SaaS …. (Suit as a Service !!!!) 

SaaS (Software as a Service ) is also perfect choice for most of the functionality needed now a days for quick turn around and just use the pre-built ready to use software on cloud. Prima facie this seems alright but alteration for your needs and connecting to your on-premise system sometime lead to more time & effort. And If you looking for Or have  multiple SaaS products , this may lead to medlied chaos of on-premise and SaaS systems on cloud. The driver of this mesh is just thinking in silos to provide quick turnaround  and not seeing the larger picture of other SaaS & on-premise systems on the enterprise landscape. 

Picture will come here

I call this SaaS mesh …. 

Now you don’t want to create that mesh because this would eventually be a management and support havoc and cost of ownership of this mesh may sometime overcome the cost of the SaaS product subscription itself …

To overcome this problem, we need to understand the as-is state of on-premise and cloud systems  ,forces that drives the integration decisions and Integration gravity.

Situation 1 :  Most of the systems are on-premise (Integration gravity is tending towards on-premise), Driving force of integration is quick turnaround and bespoke solution.. This is by far the most common situation.

Situation 2 : Almost significant no. of SaaS apps in comparison to on-premise apps and increasing   , integration gravity